Todd Himaka

KUMU Quiet Storm Weekdays 7pm-1am | Sunday 5p-8p


  1. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? I was born in California, Palo Alto to be exact.
  2. WHAT HIGH SCHOOL DID YOU ATTEND? I went to Sweetwater High in National City, CA.  GO RED DEVILS!!!  GO OTNC!!!  (They were as much a part of my high school as our school mascot so…  there you go…)
  3. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE SUBJECT IN HIGH SCHOOL? LUNCH!!!  .. Was that even a subject?
  4. WHAT WAS YOUR WORST SUBJECT IN HIGH SCHOOL? I’d have to say English… But I still can talk gooder then most.  (Just kidding… I know the difference between THEN and THAN, and THERE, THEIR and THEY’RE… So THERE!)
  5. WHO WAS YOUR FAVORITE TEACHER (AT ANY GRADE LEVEL)? I’ve had too many amazing teachers to narrow it down to just one.  I’m grateful for all of them!
  6. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? I guess would be dark blue, maybe?  Jade green?  Maroogundy?  Black?  I like colors… they make me happy.
  7. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE? I’d probably have to say Chasing Amy.  Kevin Smith is the man!!!
  8. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW? Hands down all time favorite show is The Office… I like the original one, but the US version is my ish!
  9. WHO’S YOUR FAVORITE MUSICAL ARTIST? Anyone who knows me knows that my all time favorite artist is Anita Baker.  First cassette tape (YES I said cassette tape) I ever bought was her Rapture album… And my first CD was the Giving You the Best That I Got LP…  Go ahead and judge me.
  10. NETFLIX, BROADCAST TV, HULU, APPLE TV, OR AMAZON? NETFLIX!!!  (I usually chill by myself though… I live a sad life…)
  11. WHAT IS YOUR GO-TO COMFORT FOOD? ANYTHING with gravy!  (But I also love donuts…  and corn dogs…  and tacos…  and musubi… and meatloaf… and string beans…  okay maybe not string beans…)
  12. FAVORITE CASUAL DINING RESTAURANT? I’d have to shout out Sanoya on King street.  You can’t beat the quality and portions for the price.  I’ve spent lots of money there.
  13. FAVORITE SPECIAL OCCASION RESTAURANT? I hope to one-day have an occasion special enough that it would warrant eating at a particular restaurant, or super-sizing my meal.  I’m sad now…
  14. IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE SUPERPOWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I’d want to have the ability to time travel.  I’d go back in time to tell myself to enjoy life, not take it so serious and although things won’t always go as planned, everything is going to be okay… I’d also make some very lucrative financial investments too.
  15. IF YOU COULD MEET ONE PERSON YOU DON’T ALREADY KNOW, WHO WOULD IT BE? My future wife… you know, to speed up the process…
  16. WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST REGRET IN LIFE? Probably agreeing to answer these 20 questions…  this is taking a very long time…  I think I’d have been done with this a lot sooner if TV wasn’t distracting me.  Ooh Slap Chop!
  17. NAME ONE THING YOU’RE WILLING TO SHARE THAT FEW IF ANY KNOW ABOUT YOU. I am always judging you…  yes…  you…  ..
  18. IF YOU WERE AN ANIMAL, WHAT WOULD BE? Otter!  Next question!!!
  19. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT LIVING IN HAWAII? The people!  They’re a part of what makes up the beauty of Hawaii!  I am truly grateful and humbled to be here with you!
  20. WHAT IS THAT ONE PET PEEVE THAT BUGS YOU THE MOST ABOUT HAWAII? I’d have to say the lack of GOOD taquerias!  It is essential I have good Mexican food if I want to maintain my masculine, round physique.