Sunway from the Rise and Drive on 947 KUMU

SUNWAY is a veteran singer, songwriter, and performer from Hawai’i.  She has been nominated for two Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, and has released several albums of original music throughout her career. You can find Sunway performing regularly in Waikiki at the LBLE Lounge at the Hilton Waikiki Hotel, as well as other popular venues around Honolulu.

Having shared her wild and sometimes hilariously funny life in public on social media for the last 7 years, Sunway has gained a large and loyal following long before the eagerly anticipated release of her latest music.

It’s this candidness that makes Sunway unique, and allows her to be open in her music, and deeply connected with her followers, friends, and fans.  She is able to relate to her audiences in a manner that whether onstage at venues in Honolulu, Japan, or Europe, or through social media, Sunway invites people in.

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You can find Sunway on

  • “Rise & Drive” M-F 5a-10a

  • M-F 10a-2p