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“I love being close to the audience…so they can see my face, and I can see theirs and we can react to one another in the pinnacle moments of the song. It’s important for me that the people listening to feel included in the music.” ~Sunway

Sunway is a veteran singer, songwriter, and performer from Hawaii.  She has been nominated for two Na Hoku Hanohano Awards and has released several albums of original music throughout her Hawaii, Japan and Europe.  Like any good songwriter, Sunway’s music shares her personal experiences and her viewpoints on heartache and new beginnings. Sunway’s latest single is entitled “Storm” and features Zanuck Lindsey on guitar, and Arex  Ikehara on bass.  It is produced by multi-platinum producer and composer Joerg Alfter. “Storm” can be found on all streaming platforms as well as on iTunes and YouTube.   You can find Sunway performing regularly in Waikiki at the LBLE Lounge at the Hilton Waikiki Hotel, as well as other popular venues around Honolulu.

Those curious to know more about Hawaii-born Sunway, should consider taking a look at her Facebook page. Having shared her wild and sometimes hilariously funny life in public on the social media site for the last 7 years, Sunway has gained a large and loyal following long before the eagerly anticipated release of her latest music.

It’s this candidness that makes Sunway as unique as her name and allows her to be open in her music and to deeply connect with her followers, friends, and fans.  She is able to relate to her audiences in a manner, that, whether onstage at venues in Honolulu, Japan, or Europe, through social media, or even on television (as when she was the nightly sidekick and guest host of the Hawaii television show “NighTime with Andy Bumatai”) that invites people in.

After performing as the opening act for two sold-out Adam Lambert concerts, Hawaii Star-Advertiser columnist John Berger wrote:

“It wasn’t the mocking applause opening acts often get when they announce that they are finally going to get off the stage and make way for the headliner act that everyone paid their money to see. Not this time…When Sunway sang, they sang along with her. When she pointed the microphone their way the Blaisdell Concert Hall went choral. And when she indicated she wanted them to clap along, clap they did.”

Here are some FAQ to get to know Sunway!

  • What other activites/jobs have you had?
    I have been a professional singer since the age of 18. I have worked in practically every live venue in Waikiki as well as been fortunate enough to have performed in Europe and Japan many times.  Whether it’s singing for an intimate lounge/bar crowd of 30 people or opening for a major artist like Adam Lambert with an audience of 3,000 people, I learned to interact with the crowd and to become familiar with talking to all kinds of people from all walks of life while on stage. I also became accustomed to adjusting to any sort of unplanned circumstance. I love the unpredictable nature of a live audience.  It is my favorite thing in the world!  Being that my new gig at 947KUMU IS a live broadcast, I hope that my experience with that will be beneficial to the listeners and provide them with interesting and spontaneous content and listening experiences.I also was very fortunate to have worked with local comedian Andy Bumatai on his nightly television program “Late Night With Andy Bumatai” as his “sidekick” and fill-in host. Watching Andy taught me so much about how humor works and how it is important to make people feel at ease in one on one conversations. I truly hope I can share that with the KUMU listeners and bring them into the day with a smile on their faces and positive uplifting energy to get them started in their days.Over the last 5 years, I have hosted my own live-stream internet show “The SUNWAY Show” from here in Hawaii along with my band and special guests. This show gave me the opportunity to interview many musicians, community members, and just regular folks with great stories.  I hope that I will be able to bring that part of my background to my position at 947KUMU as well.
  • How long have you lived on island?
    I was born and raised here in Oahu. I have spent a significant amount of time living and working in Japan as well as Germany.
  • What do you love about being in Hawaii?
    What I love about being in Hawaii is the environment. I am a nature girl who loves the ocean and the mountains. You can always find me outside playing in the water or hiking.
  • What should listeners get out of listening to you?
    Hopefully, our listeners will get a sense of lightheartedness and fun while listening to me. I hope that they hear an authentic voice that attempts to inspire a sense of fun and good humor, as well as a touch of my kolohe nature. I also hope they feel included and respected in the sense that they are never underestimated in their intelligence or life experience.
  • What do you do in your spare time?
    In my spare time, I do yoga, surf, SUP and bodyboard, cook, and write.
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